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About GPS Smart Sole

GPS Smart Sole has all the same great tracking and wandering assistive technology, but you get to keep your own shoes. It is the best hidden, wearable monitoring and recovery solution for wandering. GPS SmartSole is a smartphone hidden and sealed in a trim-able shoe insole. It uses GPS and cellular technology, is charged about every day, and requires service plan – all just like your phone. And, just like your phone, it works in areas with cellular coverage. THE KEY ADVANTAGE: GPS SmartSole is discreet and your loved one won’t forget to bring it with them! GPS SmartSole is automatically logging its location, tracking your loved one for a fraction of the cost of a “lock down” memory care facility. Safety and independence made affordable – now that is peace of mind! Gps Smart Sole Coupons, Coupon Codes, Promo Codes, Promotion Codes, Promotional Codes, Discount Codes & Voucher Codes Are Available At