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About Compete Every Day

Contend Every Day® is the way of life mark focused on advising you that your life merits battling for. We endeavor to reignite the aggressive fire as of now inside you that is important to accomplish life's triumphs. We trust that consistently merits emptying your heart into the quest for the one life you want and individuals you want in it. Our group is involved contenders simply like you: We are competitors, yogis, guardians, creatives, children and little girls, visionaries and practitioners. We originate from everywhere throughout the US, and we each bear the scars of our life's own particular fights. We contrast from numerous points of view, yet are joined in our conviction that triumph in life is found by contending each day we are given. Every last one of us has tasted disappointment. We know the intensity of annihilation, and we've watched with outrage, envy, or frustration as our well-laid plans disintegrated. We've seen our rivals celebrate and we've comprehended what it resembles to manage without. We have seen firsthand that these difficulties—these disappointments—fuel our present and future victories. Those mishaps essentially set us up for future triumph since we picked, and will dependably pick, to keep contending. Consequently, we are focused on giving you inspiration, similar to stream fuel, to toss on your spirit's inward fire. Alongside it, we'll furnish you with the best in athletic preparing clothing to push your exercises, and the most smoking in way of life design to fuel your opposition forever. Contending each day isn't about what you do in the rec center or amid an exercise. It's tied in with taking control of your life. Declining to give fear a chance to shield you from accomplishing your objectives. Focusing on the general population you need close to you as you enterprise through life. Finding the quality inside to confront the obscure, the fearlessness to gaze intently at fear, and the assurance to dependably figure out how to push ahead. Each and every day you live on this planet.